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Name of training:

Name of trainer/s: __________________________________________________

preferred pronouns: ________________

Trainer information:
Full name of trainer/s: _____________________________________________ ________________________________________________
Name to be printed for your class: _________________________________
E-mail address and PGP key: _________________________________________
Mailing address: ___________________________________________________
Cell phone number: ________________________________________________

Trainer bio:

Trainer social media links:


Full description of the training:

Short description of what the student will know how to do, after completing the class:

Outline of the class:

Technical difficulty of the class (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced):

Suggested prerequisites for the class:


Items students will need to provide:


Training information:

Have you taught this training before: YES NO
What do you currently need us to charge per student?
Minimum number of students per class needed?
Maximum number of students per class desired?
Will you need DEF CON to print class handouts?
How many days is the class?
How many hours per day?


Trainer substitutions:
There will be no substitutions of the above trainer, without prior written consent from DEF CON Trainings, Inc.

Code of Conduct:
While representing DEF CON Trainings, Inc., you agree to abide by our Code of Conduct.

DEF CON Trainings, Inc. will provide event space, signage, printed training materials, internet, projector screen and power strips. All training materials must be submitted thirty days (30) in advance of the class.
Trainers will provide all other needed equipment. Students will provide items listed below.

Trainer class cancellation:
In the event of the trainer being unable to teach the class, said trainer will compensate DEF CON Trainings, Inc. for all losses related to the cancellation. These may include: refunds to attendees, service charges, cost of printed materials, marketing costs and non-refundable airfare. Cancellation occurring within 120 days prior to the event will incur an additional fee of 1.25 times the maximum attendee revenue.
In the event of DEF CON Trainings, Inc. has to cancel the class, DEF CON Trainings, Inc. will reimburse the trainer.
In the event of the training venue or unforeseen event requires the cancellation of the class, DEF CON trainings, Inc. and the trainer will cover their own costs.

Trainer payment:
DEF CON Trainings, Inc will make full payment net-30 from the last day of the training. Payment will be in the form of a check or wire. In the event a class attendee requests a refund, after mitigating the request, that amount with be subtracted from the payment due.

This contract contains the entire agreement, no other oral or written agreements were made. I have read this contract and agree to all said terms and conditions above as written.

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Trainer Signature___________________________ Date __________