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Dawid Czagan - Full-Stack Pentesting Laboratory: 100% Hands-On + Lifetime LAB Access - $2500
Dawid Czagan - Full-Stack Pentesting Laboratory: 100% Hands-On + Lifetime LAB Access - $2500

Dawid Czagan - Full-Stack Pentesting Laboratory: 100% Hands-On + Lifetime LAB Access - $2500


Full-Stack Pentesting Laboratory: 100% Hands-On + Lifetime LAB Access, $2300 early, $2500 regular



Modern IT systems are complex and it’s all about full-stack nowadays. To become a pentesting expert, you need to dive into full-stack exploitation and gain a lot of practical skills. That’s why I created the Full-Stack Pentesting Laboratory.
For each attack, vulnerability and technique presented in this training there is a lab exercise to help you master full-stack pentesting step by step. What’s more, when the training is over, you can take the complete lab environment home to hack again at your own pace.

I found security bugs in many companies including Google, Yahoo, Mozilla, Twitter and in this training I’ll share my experience with you. The content of this training has been carefully selected to cover the topics most frequently requested by professional penetration testers.

Key Learning Objectives

After completing this training, you will have learned about: 

Hacking cloud applications
API hacking tips & tricks
Data exfiltration techniques
OSINT asset discovery tools
Tricky user impersonation
Bypassing protection mechanisms
CLI hacking scripts
Interesting XSS attacks
Server-side template injection
Hacking with Google & GitHub search engines
Automated SQL injection detection and exploitation
File read & file upload attacks
Password cracking in a smart way
Hacking Git repos
XML attacks
NoSQL injection
HTTP parameter pollution
Web cache deception attack
Hacking with wrappers
Finding metadata with sensitive information
Hijacking NTLM hashes
Automated detection of JavaScript libraries with known vulnerabilities
Extracting passwords
Hacking Electron applications
Establishing reverse shell connections
RCE attacks
XSS polyglot
and more …

What Students Will Receive

Students will be handed in a VMware image with a specially prepared lab environment to play with all attacks, vulnerabilities and techniques presented in this training (*). When the training is over, students can take the complete lab environment home to hack again at their own pace.

(*) The download link will be sent after signing a non-disclosure agreement and subscribing to my newsletter. 

Special Bonus
The ticket price includes FREE access to my 6 online courses:

Fuzzing with Burp Suite Intruder
Exploiting Race Conditions with OWASP ZAP
Case Studies of Award-Winning XSS Attacks: Part 1
Case Studies of Award-Winning XSS Attacks: Part 2
How Hackers Find SQL Injections in Minutes with Sqlmap
Web Application Security Testing with Google Hacking

What Students Say About My Trainings 

References are attached to my LinkedIn profile ( They can also be found here: – training participants from companies such as Oracle, Adobe, ESET, ING, …

What Students Should Know

To get the most of this training intermediate knowledge of pentesting and web application security is needed. Students should have experience in using a proxy, such as Burp Suite Proxy, or similar, to analyze or modify the traffic.

What Students Should Bring

Students will need a laptop with 64-bit operating system, at least 8 GB RAM, 35 GB free hard drive space, administrative access, ability to turn off AV/firewall and VMware Player/Fusion installed (64-bit version). Prior to the training, make sure there are no problems with running x86_64 VMs.


Dawid Czagan is an internationally recognized security researcher and trainer. He is listed among top hackers at HackerOne. Dawid Czagan has found security bugs in Apple, Google, Mozilla, Microsoft and many others. Due to the severity of many bugs, he received numerous awards for his findings.

Dawid Czagan shares his offensive security experience in his hands-on trainings. He delivered trainings at key industry conferences such as Hack In The Box (Amsterdam), CanSecWest (Vancouver), 44CON (London), Hack In Paris (Paris), NorthSec (Montreal), HITB GSEC (Singapore), BruCON (Ghent) and for many corporate clients. His students include security specialists from Oracle, Adobe, ESET, ING, Red Hat, Trend Micro, Philips and government sector (references are attached to Dawid Czagan's LinkedIn profile ( They can also be found here:

Dawid Czagan is the founder and CEO at Silesia Security Lab. To find out about the latest in his work, you are invited to subscribe to his newsletter ( and follow him on Twitter (@dawidczagan), YouTube (, and LinkedIn ( 


DATE: August 12th - 13th, 2024
TIME: 8am to 5pm PDT
VENUESahara Las Vegas
TRAINER: Dawid Czagan

- 16 hours of training with a certificate of completion.

- 2 coffee breaks are provided per day
- Note: Food is not included

Registration terms and conditions:

Trainings are refundable before July 1st, the processing fee is $250.

Trainings are non-refundable after July 10th, 2023.

Training tickets may be transferred. Please email us for specifics.

Failure to attend the Training without prior written notification, will be considered a No-Show. No refund will be given.

By purchasing this ticket you agree to abide by the DCT Code of Conduct and the registration terms and conditions listed above.