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Recon Tradecraft for Digital Investigators - $2,500
Recon Tradecraft for Digital Investigators - $2,500

Recon Tradecraft for Digital Investigators - $2,500



Recon Tradecraft for Digital Investigators

Course Description

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, the ability to harness open-source intelligence (OSINT) and conduct targeted reconnaissance has become increasingly crucial for cybersecurity professionals, investigative journalists, and law enforcement agencies. This course offers a specialized training program that addresses the growing need for sophisticated skills in navigating the large resource of publicly available data. By focusing on practical techniques for setting up secure environments, maintaining anonymity, and employing AI in intelligence gathering, participants will be prepared to meet the
challenges of modern digital investigations. Through this course, learners will acquire the essential tools and skills to effectively analyze online information, enhancing their ability to uncover threats, protect assets, and contribute to the security and safety of their organizations and communities. We believe firmly that you learn best from doing, which is why our course is jampacked with hands-on exercises throughout the 2 days of the course.

Course Outline

The course is broken down into the following sections:
1. Getting set up to do OSINT
o Building your virtual machines
o Common tools you will use
o Creating ‘Sock Puppet’ accounts
o Tricks and techniques for staying covert
o Using AI for OSINT preparation
2. Finding Basic information about your target
o People search websites
o Email address discovery and verification
o Telephone numbers
o Usernames and Passwords
o Addresses
o Documents/Images/Videos and their metadata
o Interests
3. Social Media analysis of your target
o Facebook
o Twitter / X
o Instagram
o Reddit/Online Communities
4. Localization of your target
o Geo-locating
o Mapping
5. Foreign Targets
o International Search Engines
o Regional chat applications


Trevor Stevado

Trevor Stevado is a renowned security consultant and the founder of Loudmouth Security. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Trevor has developed a deep understanding of cyber security and open-source intelligence (OSINT) and is recognized as an expert in his field. Trevor's passion for education, combined with his practical experience in both digital and physical security landscapes, makes him an invaluable asset to those seeking to master OSINT techniques. He's adept at explaining complicated complicated subjects to non-technical teams, and he's spent years mentoring younger hackers coming into the field. Trevor's ability to teach stems from his passion for the
subject matter and his dedication to continuous learning. He's always seeking out new information and insights, which he incorporates into his courses to provide the most up-to-date and relevant training possible.

Trevor Hough

Trevor Hough is a partner and passionate security researcher at Loudmouth Security. Trevor Hough's expertise spans a broad spectrum of cybersecurity disciplines, including but not limited to embedded systems and OSINT. With extensive experience participating in large-scale cyber training operations Trevor has become a recognized expert in his field. He has an insatiable curiosity and tenacity which has served him well in OSINT engagements. Trevor has a deep technical knowledge and passion for security that's evident in his work. His hands-on approach to teaching OSINT is enriched by real-world experiences, offering students insights into the practical application of their skills in both digital and physical realms.

Nicholas Coad

Nicholas is a consultant at Loudmouth Security and an accomplished hacker and social engineer. His background in IT administration, combined with his active participation in social engineering assessments, equips him with a unique perspective on OSINT.
Nicholas is an exceptional trainer with a passion for sharing his knowledge and experience with others. Nicholas's experience extends beyond the digital, having been involved in physical penetration tests that complement his technical skills with a practical understanding of security vulnerabilities. His contribution to training programs goes beyond theory, preparing students to navigate the complexities of real-world intelligence gathering and security assessments.

Patrick Ross

Patrick is a seasoned security expert with a wealth of experience in OSINT. He's also a DEF CON goon and an integral part of the team behind the new Embedded Systems Village. In addition to his technical skills, Patrick is an exceptional teacher with superb teaching skills. He's passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience with others, and he's committed to helping organizations stay ahead of the latest cyber threats.

Class Break Down

Day 1 Day 2
0800 Getting set up for OSING Social Media (cont'd)
Basic Target Informaiton Localization
1200 Lunch Lunch
1300 Basic Target Information (cont'd) Foreign Targets
Social Media Target Hunting Exercise
1800 End of Day Proficiency Test

Technical Difficulty of the class:

Beginner. No previous hacking experience is required. Pen-testing experience is a benefit.

Students should have:

- A willingness and desire to learn
- Basic familiarity of web app hacking/request modification
Students should bring:
- Laptop with 16GB RAM and at least 50GB free disk space
- External ethernet adapter
- VMware Player/Workstation/Fusion installed
- Administrator/Root access to their host Operating

DATE: November 2nd-3rd 2024

TIME: 8am to 5pm PDT
VENUE: Meydenbauer Center, Bellevue, WA
TRAINER: Trevor Stevado, Trevor Hough, Nicholas Coad, Patrick Ross

- 16 hours of training with a certificate of completion.
- 2 coffee breaks are provided per day
- Note: Food is not included

Registration terms and conditions:

Trainings are refundable before September 16th, the processing fee is $250.

Trainings are non-refundable after September 26th, 2024.

Training tickets may be transferred. Please email us for specifics.

Failure to attend the Training without prior written notification, will be considered a No-Show. No refund will be given.

By purchasing this ticket you agree to abide by the DCT Code of Conduct and the registration terms and conditions listed above.