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Dr. Chuck Easttom - Using the ChatGPT API for CyberSecurity 1 DAY CLASS - $900
Dr. Chuck Easttom - Using the ChatGPT API for CyberSecurity 1 DAY CLASS - $900

Dr. Chuck Easttom - Using the ChatGPT API for CyberSecurity 1 DAY CLASS - $900

Trainer bio:

Dr. Chuck Easttom is the author of 42  books, including several on computer security, forensics, and cryptography.  He is also an inventor with 26 patents and the author of over 70 research papers.  He holds a Ph.D. in computer science, a Ph.D. in Nanotechnology, and a Doctor of Science in Cybersecurity , and four master’s degrees (one in applied computer science, one in education,  and in systems engineering, and one in strategic and defense studies). He is a senior member of both the IEEE and the ACM. He is also a Distinguished Speaker of the ACM and a Distinguished Visitor of the IEEE. Dr. Easttom is currently an adjunct professor for Georgetown University and for Vanderbilt University.

Trainer social media links:

Full description of the training:

Attendees will be taught how to utilize the ChatGPT API to create their own ChatGPT applications such as ChatBots and Virtual Assistants.  Specifically, the training will cover the fundamentals of ChatGPT all the way through creating an actual application in the class.

Short description of what the student will know how to do, after completing the class:

Create ChatBots and Virtual Assistants, specifically for cybersecurity applications.

Outline of the class:
  1. Fundamentals of AI, LLM, and ChatGPT
  2. Setting up Development Environment
  3. Text Prompts and conditional text generation
  4. Controlling the Output including quality
  5. Personalization
  6. Datasets
  7. Model Evaluation and Testing

    Technical difficulty of the class (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced):


    Suggested prerequisites for the class:
None needed but it would be easier for students who have at least some programming experience.

Items students will need to provide:
There own laptop and a ChatGPT account, the free account will do.

DATE: August 12th, 2024

TIME: 8am to 5pm PDT

VENUESahara Las Vegas

TRAINER: Dr. Chuck Easttom

- 8 hours of training with a certificate of completion.
- 2 coffee breaks are provided
- Note: Food is not included

Registration terms and conditions:

Trainings are refundable before July 1st, the processing fee is $250.

Trainings are non-refundable after July 10th, 2024.

Training tickets may be transferred. Please email us for specifics.

Failure to attend the Training without prior written notification, will be considered a No-Show. No refund will be given.

By purchasing this ticket you agree to abide by the DCT Code of Conduct and the registration terms and conditions listed above.